Paulerspury Pre-school

Tel: 07851 296 392


Activities in the pre-school are based around the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) areas of learning. We encourage learning through play and cover all of the seven areas of learning identified within this framework.

Areas of learning:


We have ample space for the children to explore and experience a variety of activities. These include home corner, dressing up and role play, sand/water play, craft and creative activities. We provide a physical area for burning of excess energy and honing spacial awareness and negotiation skills, and a book corner for those quieter moments.


We have a well layed-out outside area, enabling free-flow play for the children, allowing them to choose where they play. We have a large permanent sand pit and a wooden "fort" which the children can use in many ways, including role play or den building. We have a small garden for the children to plant flowers and vegetables in. This helps them to understand the growing process and can lead to discussions about healthy food.

There is a key worker system in place and a carefully planned timetable of activities on offer.

PDF: Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

"Children eagerly enter the pre-school at the start of the session and seek out their friends to share experiences. For example, children chat to one another as they dig and explore the soil and play with their friends in the role-play area." - OFSTED, December 2014